About Us

Small Business Taking on a Big IVD Industry.

Plasma Med started as a small patient recruitment consultancy for IVD researchers. The company quickly grew into a full laboratory and FDA regulated establishment (Reg # FEI3011988822)  with the ability to collect disease state blood products from a network of over 6,000 patients. With 2 licensed physicians to oversee studies, the company has multiple IRB approved protocols covering various indications and matrices. 

Expert Patient Recruitment Team.

A team of 5 North American field-based patient recruiters is led by a manager with over 25 years of healthcare experience. Each teammate works tirelessly to find the most unique and rare patients throughout the world. With innovative marketing techniques and close clinical partnerships, the recruitment team is constantly expanding Plasma Med's disease state capabilities. 

Medical & Lab Staff Ensuring Safety & Quality.

Plasma Med's licensed physicians have over 50 years of combined experience and supervise IRB approved clinical collections. A team of plasma technicians and lab personnel are certified and experienced in drawing plasmapheresed units, blood-based samples, and processing specimens in accordance with extensive SOPs.